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Care of the plant Viburnum suspensum or Sandankwa viburnum.

Care of the shrub Viburnum suspensum or Sandankwa viburnum

The genus Viburnum, family Adoxaceae, includes 200 species of shrubs and trees native to the Northern Hemisphere, South America and the island of Java. Some species are: Viburnum suspensum, Viburnum rigidum, Viburnum rhytidophyllum, Viburnum opulus, Viburnum lantana, Viburnum davidii, Viburnum tomentosum, Viburnum tinus, Viburnum utile, Viburnum awabuki.

Common name: Sandankwa viburnum. This species is native to Japan.

They are dense evergreen shrubs with arched branches that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. The elegant oval, leathery leaves are glossy dark green. The white flowers appear in corymbs 10 cm (3.93") in diameter. They bloom in spring and summer. In autumn, decorative red fruits appear that attract birds.

These easy-to-grow plants are used to form hedges, screens and as a background for bushy groups due to their dark foliage.

Viburnum suspensum can grow in full sun, semi-shade or shade exposures. They resist light and occasional frosts.

They prefer deep, rich clay soils; they can grow in normal garden soil that contains compost.

Water regularly so that the soil always remains slightly damp. In winter reduce watering.

Fertilize with manure or compost in late winter.

They can be lightly pruned after flowering to keep them compact.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They are propagated by seeds but it's a very slow process (up to 18 months); it's faster to make woody cuttings.

Images of the shrub Viburnum suspensum or Sandankwa viburnum

Viburnum suspensum
Viburnum suspensum
Viburnum suspensum
Viburnum suspensum