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Care of the plant Viburnum rigidum or Canary Laurustinus.

Care of the shrub Viburnum rigidum or Canary Laurustinus

The genus Viburnum, family Adoxaceae, includes 200 species of shrubs and trees native to the Northern Hemisphere, South America and the island of Java. Some species are: Viburnum rigidum, Viburnum suspensum, Viburnum rhytidophyllum, Viburnum opulus, Viburnum lantana, Viburnum davidii, Viburnum tomentosum, Viburnum tinus, Viburnum utile, Viburnum awabuki.

Common name: Canary Laurustinus. This species is native to the Canary Islands.

They are evergreen shrubs that reach 5 meters (16.4 feet) in height. They have brown and reddish branches at the bottom. The leaves are opposite and simple, dark green, hairy, ovate and 20 cm (7.87") long. The small flowers appear in umbels of 15 cm in diameter, are white and have 5 petals. They bloom in winter and early spring. They produce purple, black or brown fruits.

They are used for their abundant flowering as isolated specimens and to form bushy groups.

Viburnum rigidum is a delicate plant that needs shady exposure and high humidity. They do not resist frost.

The soil must be well drained and contain abundant organic matter.

Water regularly so that the soil is always wet but never watery.

Fertilize in late winter with manure or compost.

They are propagated by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings after flowering.

Images of the shrub Viburnum rigidum or Canary Laurustinus

Viburnum rigidum
Viburnum rigidum
Viburnum rigidum
Viburnum rigidum