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Care of the plant Pelargonium quercifolium or Oak-geranium.

Care of the shrub Pelargonium quercifolium or Oak-geranium

The genus Pelargonium, family Geraniaceae, comprises 200 species of herbaceous plants, succulents and shrubs native to southern Africa. Some species are: Pelargonium quercifolium, Pelargonium peltatum, Pelargonium odoratissimum, Pelargonium graveolens, Pelargonium grandiflorum, Pelargonium exstipulatum, Pelargonium cucullatum, Pelargonium crispum, Pelargonium radens, Pelargonium zonale, Pelargonium tetragonum, Pelargonium capitatum.

Common names: Oak-geranium, Almond geranium, Oak Leaf Geranium, Oak-leaf pelargonium. This species is native to the southwestern Cape, South Africa.

They are aromatic, highly branched, fast-growing shrubs that reach 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height; they have hairy young stems that become woody over time. The leaves are sticky, deep green in color and broadly pinnate into 5-7 deep lobes (similar to oak leaves). The flowers appear in umbels and can be purple or pink. They can bloom almost all year round.

They are used to form borders combined with plants of the Felicia, Pelargonium and Lobelia genera and in pots and planters for patios and terraces. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens.

Pelargonium quercifolium can grow in full sun or semi-shade exposure. They resist occasional frosts.

They can grow in stony, calcareous or sandy soils but prefer a well-drained substrate that contains organic matter.

Water regularly waiting for the substrate to dry; they have good resistance to drought.

Fertilize with compost in early winter.

Prune regularly to maintain a compact bearing.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They are easily propagated by cuttings in any season of the year or from seeds sown in fall or late summer.

Images of the shrub Pelargonium quercifolium or Oak-geranium

Pelargonium quercifolium
Pelargonium quercifolium
Pelargonium quercifolium
Pelargonium quercifolium
Pelargonium quercifolium