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Care of the plant Delosperma lineare or Ice plant.

Care of the succulent plant Delosperma lineare or Ice plant

The genus Delosperma, family Aizoaceae, includes 100 species of succulent plants native to South and East Africa. Some species are: Delosperma lineare, Delosperma karooicum, Delosperma cooperi, Delosperma pruinosum, Delosperma herbeum, Delosperma lehmannii, Delosperma rileyi, Delosperma tradescantoides.

Common name: Ice plant. This species is native to Lesotho, Southern Africa.

They are small creeping plants that reach 10 cm (3.93") in height and 40 cm (15.74") in width. The leaves are opposite, light green, succulent and elliptical-lanceolate in shape. They have attractive deep yellow flowers. They can bloom almost all year round.

They are used in pots, in rockeries and to cover dry and sunny areas of the garden that require low maintenance.

Delosperma lineare needs direct sun exposure and high temperatures. They resist frosts down to -12 ºC (10.4 ºF).

They can grow in any type of soil that is very good; they can be grown in poor, rocky, limestone or sandy soils. Planting is done in early spring at the rate of 20 plants per square meter.

Their maintenance is so low that they only need watering if the summer drought is very long.

They do not need pruning or fertilizers.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess watering.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings in spring or summer.

Images of the succulent plant Delosperma lineare or Ice plant

Delosperma lineare
Delosperma lineare