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Care of the plant Crocosmia or Montbretia.

Care of the bulbous plant Crocosmia or Montbretia

The genus Crocosmia, family Iridaceae, includes 6 species of bulbous plants native to southern and eastern Africa, and Madagascar. Some species and hybrids are: Crocosmia aurea, Crocosmia pottsii, Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora, Crocosmia x curtonus, Crocosmia paniculata.

Common name: Montbretia.

They are bulbous plants that reach 80 cm (2.68 feet) in height. They have long arched leaves shaped like ribbons. The flowers appear in branched spikes and can be orange, red or yellow. They bloom in late spring and early summer.

Montbretia is used in pots (10 bulbs per container) for terraces, balconies and interiors or to form borders (50 bulbs per square meter).

Crocosmia needs full sun or semi-shade exposure and protected from the wind.

The soil must be very well drained to prevent the bulb from rotting and contain a lot of organic matter. The planting of the bulbs is done at the end of winter, buried 4-5 cm deep.

Water moderately throughout the year by slightly increasing watering during the flowering period.

Fertilize with manure before planting and with mineral fertilizer in spring.

Crocosmia can be attacked by mites (indoors) and by thrips and aphids outdoors.

Montbretia propagates by seeds or by division of bulbs.

Images of the bulbous plant Crocosmia or Montbretia

Crocosmia aurea
Crocosmia aurea