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Care of the plant Crinum or Crinum lily.

Care of the plant Crinum or Crinum lily

The genus Crinum, family Amaryllidaceae, includes 180 species of tropical bulbous plants, mostly native to Asia and Africa. Some species are: Crinum asiaticum, Crinum bulbispermum, Crinum moorei, Crinum africanum and Crinum × powellii (hybrid).

Common name: Crinum lily. This species is native to South Africa.

They are tropical plants with large bulbs and long fleshy ribbon-shaped leaves. The large flowers, similar to Hemerocallis and Lilium, appear at the end of long stems and can be white or pink and have a sweet aroma.

They are used to form beds with other bulbous plants or in deep pots on terraces and patios.

The Crinum needs an exposure of full sun and protected from the cold; in winter the temperature should not be lower than 7ºC.

The soil must be deep and loamy to retain water. The upper third of the bulb should be exposed. In spring the planting is done. When the leaves dry, the bulbs must be removed and stored in a dry and dark place.

Water abundantly in summer and gradually reduce the risks until they are eliminated in winter.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer in spring and summer. Once a month water abundantly to remove traces of fertilizers.

They are not usually attacked by pests and diseases.

They propagate in spring by division of the bulb or from the lateral bulblets that the plant produces.

Images of the plant Crinum or Crinum lily

Crinum moorei
Crinum moorei

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