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Care of the plant Thelocactus bicolor or Glory of Texas.

Care of the cactus Thelocactus bicolor or Glory of Texas

The genus Thelocactus, family Cactaceae, comprises 10 species of cacti native to Mexico and the southwestern United States. Some species are: Thelocactus bicolor, Thelocactus nidulans, Thelocactus lophothele, Thelocactus conothelos, Thelocactus hexahedrophorus, Thelocactus setispinus.

Common names: Glory of Texas, Texas Pride, Straw Spine Cactus. This species is native to northern Mexico and Texas.

They are cacti with a variable body (cylindrical, ovoid or globular) with grayish-green or bluish-green epidermis that reach 15 cm (5.9") in height. They have 8-12 spirally arranged ribs with tubercles that have circular areoles with 9-18 yellowish or white radial spines and up to 4 reddish central spines. The interesting purple-pink or red flowers are 7 cm (2.75") in diameter and appear at the apex of the plant.

These easy-to-grow cacti are used in rockeries, in mini cactus and succulent gardens, and in pots and planters.

Thelocactus bicolor needs full sun exposure and a hot, dry climate. Do not expose them to temperatures below 4 ºC (39.2 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of equal parts siliceous coarse sand and heather soil or a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand.

Water in summer every 7-10 days, in spring every 12-15 days, every 20-25 days in autumn and do not water in winter.

Fertilize once in spring with mineral fertilizer for cacti and again in early summer to promote flowering.

They do not need pruning.

They are resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to overwatering.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring in a seedbed in a slightly damp sandy substrate.

Images of the cactus Thelocactus bicolor or Glory of Texas

Thelocactus bicolor
Thelocactus bicolor