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Care of the shrub Psoralea glandulosa or Otholobium glandulosum.

Care of the shrub Psoralea glandulosa or Otholobium glandulosum

The genus Psoralea, family Fabaceae, includes 150 species of shrubs and herbaceous plants with a cosmopolitan distribution. Some species are: Psoralea glandulosa, Psoralea corylifolia, Psoralea arborea, Psoralea pinnata, Psoralea esculenta.

They are highly branched deciduous shrubs that reach 7 meters (22.9 feet) in height. The aromatic, trifoliate, glossy green leaves have lanceolate lobes. The blue and white flowers appear in pendulous clusters. They bloom in late spring. They produce pod-shaped fruits.

They are used as isolated specimens, in bushy groups, next to watercourses and in pots for patios and terraces. They have medicinal properties.

Psoralea glandulosa needs full sun exposure in a hot and humid climate. Frost resistant to -8 ºC (17.6 ºF).

They grow in moist soils rich in organic matter.

Water regularly so that the substrate never dries out completely although they will withstand short periods of drought when established.

Fertilize with organic matter at the end of winter.

Prune lightly at the end of winter to maintain a compact habit.

They are plants quite resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring and by cuttings.

Images of the shrub Psoralea glandulosa or Otholobium glandulosum

Psoralea glandulosa
Psoralea glandulosa