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Care of the plant Parodia ottonis or Indian Head Cactus.

Care of the plant Parodia ottonis or Indian Head Cactus

The genus Parodia, family Cactaceae, comprises 50 species of cactus native to South America. Some species are: Parodia ottonis, Parodia magnifica, Parodia leninghausii, Parodia haselbergii, Parodia concinna, Parodia werneri, Parodia nivosa, Parodia penicillata.

Common name: Indian Head Cactus. Scientific synonyms: Echinocactus ottonis, Parodia paraguayensis. This species is native to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

They are small cacti with a globular body that produce numerous shoots and reach 12 cm in height. They have 9-12 rounded ribs with dark green epidermis. The areolas have wool in their youth and 5-9 recurved radial spines and some longer central spines. The spectacular 6 cm diameter yellow flowers appear at the apex of the plant. Very young specimens can bloom.

They are used in deep pots due to their napiform root. They are relatively fast growing cacti.

Parodia ottonis can grow in direct sunlight or semi-shade exposures. In winter the temperature should not be less than 4 ºC.

A soil can be a mixture of 75% leaf mulch or heather soil and 25% coarse siliceous sand. Transplant as little as possible because the thick roots are very delicate.

Water moderately all year long, waiting for the substrate to dry completely; in winter do not water.

Fertilize once in mid-spring with mineral cactus fertilizer.

They do not need pruning.

They can be attacked by fungi if there is excess moisture.

They are easily propagated by seeds sown in spring or by rooting of suckers.

Images of the plant Parodia ottonis or Indian Head Cactus

Parodia ottonis
Parodia ottonis
Parodia ottonis

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