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Care of the plant Pachysandra terminalis or Japanese spurge.

Care of the plant Pachysandra terminalis or Japanese spurge

The genus Pachysandra, family Buxaceae, comprises 4 species of subshrubs native to the Far East and North America. Some species are: Pachysandra terminalis, Pachysandra procumbens, Pachysandra axillaris.

Common names: Japanese pachysandra, Japanese spurge, Carpet box. This species is native to Japan and China.

They are evergreen covering plants that reach 20 cm (7.87") in height. The beautiful, lustrous, serrated-edged leaves are dark green, oval in shape and alternately arranged at the end of the stems; there is a Variegata variety with white spots. They produce spikes with small white flowers. They bloom in late winter and early spring.

They are used under trees (understory), to cover shady areas of the garden and in pots for patios, terraces and balconies, especially if they are facing north.

Pachysandra terminalis grows in shady or semi-shaded exposures. Average annual temperatures should be 15-25 ºC (59-77 ºF).

They can grow in sandy and poor soils but prefer that they contain organic matter and are well drained.

Water moderately throughout the year waiting for the substrate to dry; in summer slightly increase watering.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer during spring.

They do not need pruning; they resist drastic pruning in early spring at 6 cm from the ground to strengthen the plant.

They are resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

They are propagated by division in early spring or by woody cuttings in late summer.

Images of the plant Pachysandra terminalis or Japanese spurge

Pachysandra terminalis
Pachysandra terminalis
Pachysandra terminalis