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Care of the plant Malvaviscus arboreus or Wax mallow.

Care of the shrub Malvaviscus arboreus or Wax mallow

The genus Malvaviscus, family Malvaceae, comprises 50 species of shrubs native to tropical regions of America (Florida, Texas, Mexico, Peru and Brazil). Some species are: Malvaviscus arboreus, Malvaviscus palmanus, Malvaviscus conzatti, Malvaviscus penduliflorus, Malvaviscus concinnus.

Common names: Turk's turban, Wax mallow, Ladies teardrop, Scotchman's purse, Turkcap. This species is native to the Southeastern United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

They are highly branched evergreen shrubs that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. The leaves are alternate, oval in shape, with serrated edges and a deep green color. The showy red (sometimes white) flowers resemble Hibiscus but without open petals and reach 5 cm (1.96") in length. They can bloom throughout the year.

They are used as isolated specimens, forming bushy groups and in pots for terraces.

The Malvaviscus arboreus needs exposure to full sun; in semi-shade it will produce more leaves than flowers. Protect them from the wind next to a wall or hedge. They resist occasional frosts.

The soil must be well drained, fertile and light. Transplant in late winter.

They are drought resistant plants. Water moderately at the rate of 1 time a week in winter, 2 times a week in spring and fall and 3 times a week in summer if it's very hot.

Fertilize with manure in the fall and monthly with mineral fertilizer during the spring and summer.

Prune in late winter to keep it compact and to control growth.

They are quite resistant to pests and diseases but sensitive to excess moisture shrubs.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or by semi-woody cuttings.

Images of the shrub Malvaviscus arboreus or Wax mallow

Malvaviscus arboreus
Malvaviscus arboreus
Malvaviscus arboreus
Malvaviscus arboreus
Malvaviscus arboreus