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Care of the tree Ehretia dicksonii or Dickson's Ehretia.

Care of the tree Ehretia dicksonii or Dickson's Ehretia

The genus Ehretia, family Boraginaceae, includes more than 60 species of trees and shrubs native to tropical regions of Asia, Africa, America, and the Pacific. Some species are: Ehretia dicksonii, Ehretia rigida, Ehretia tinifolia, Ehretia amoena, Ehretia anacua.

Common name: Dickson's Ehretia. This species is native to Asia.

They are deciduous trees with a columnar habit and branched from the base that reach 12 meters (39.37 feet) in height. The alternate elliptic or obovate leaves are glossy green above. They produce inflorescences in terminal panicles with white flowers. The drupe-shaped yellow fruits are very decorative.

Dickson's Ehretia is used as isolated specimens, to form bushy groups and in public parks and streets.

Ehretia dicksonii prefers full sun exposure but also grows in semi-shade. Frost resistant to -10 ºC (14 ºF).

The soil can be a normal well-drained garden soil with coarse sand and containing a little organic matter. It also grows in alkaline and poor soils.

Water regularly, waiting until the substrate has almost dried. It resists a few days of drought when it's established.

Fertilize with a little compost at the end of winter.

Ehretia dicksonii tolerates light pruning at the end of winter to maintain a compact habit.

Dickson's Ehretia is a plant resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

Ehretia dicksonii is propagated by semi-hardwood cuttings and from seeds sown in spring.

Images of the tree Ehretia dicksonii or Dickson's Ehretia

Ehretia dicksonii
Ehretia dicksonii
Ehretia dicksonii
Ehretia dicksonii