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Care of the plant Gymnocalycium saglionis or Giant Chin Cactus.

Care of the cactus Gymnocalycium saglionis or Giant Chin Cactus

The genus Gymnocalycium, family Cactaceae, comprises more than 60 species of cacti native to South America. Some species are: Gymnocalycium saglionis, Gymnocalycium damsiiGymnocalycium baldianumGymnocalycium mostii, Gymnocalycium denudatum, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, Gymnocalycium andreae, Gymnocalycium pflanzii, Gymnocalycium platense.

Common name: Giant Chin Cactus. This species is native to Argentina.

They are blue-green cacti (there are variegated varieties) with a hemispherical body that can produce shoots and reach 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height. They have 16-23 ribs with large tubercles and woolly areoles. They have black spines curved outwards. The showy pink flowers measure up to 3.5 cm (1.37") in diameter and appear in a crown at the apex of the plant. The 3 cm (1.18") diameter fruits are first green and then red.

They are used in rockeries, in cactus and succulent gardens, in pots on balconies, windows and terraces and as indoor (next to a window) and greenhouse plants.

The Gymnocalycium saglionis prefers semi-shade exposure, avoiding direct sunlight in the middle of the day. They resist light and occasional frosts.

The soil can be a mixture, in equal proportions, of coarse sand, garden soil, and leaf mulch.

Water every 15 days in spring, every 7 days in summer and every 20 days in autumn. In winter do not water.

Fertilize once in spring with mineral fertilizer for cacti.

They do not need pruning.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases but sensitive to excess irrigation.

They are easily propagated from spring sown seeds but growth is slow.

Images of the cactus Gymnocalycium saglionis or Giant Chin Cactus

Gymnocalycium saglionis
Gymnocalycium saglionis variegata
Gymnocalycium saglionis variegata