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Care of the plant Juniperus communis or Common juniper.

Care of the shrub Juniperus communis or Common juniper

The Juniperus genus, Cupressaceae family, comprises 60 species of shrubs and trees native to the Northern Hemisphere. Some species are: Juniperus communis, Juniperus chinensis, Juniperus californica, Juniperus oxycedrus, Juniperus osteospermaJuniperus phoenicea, Juniperus horizontalis, Juniperus squamata, Juniperus drupacea, Juniperus thurifera, Juniperus x pfitzeriana (hybrid), Juniperus brevifolia, Juniperus conferta.

Common name: Common juniper. This species is native to North America, Europe and Asia.

They are dioecious columnar shrubs (there are creeping varieties) that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet). They have fine and sharp evergreen leaves, in groups of 3, grayish green in color and have a white line on the upper side. The flowers have no decorative interest. The fruits take 2 years to mature and are greenish at first and bluish-black later.

These very slow-growing conifers are used to form hedges, shrub beds, as isolated specimens and in pots and planters for patios and terraces. For centuries it has been used as a medicinal plant and to obtain the drink known as gin.

Juniperus communis needs full sun or semi-shade exposure. It resists frost, wind and the summer heat of the Mediterranean climate.

Common juniper can grow in any soil, whether limestone, stony and poor. Transplantation or planting will take place in the fall or spring.

Water moderately all year long waiting for the substrate to dry; Juniperus communis is resistant to drought.

Fertilize in fall or spring with compost.

Prune in late winter to keep it compact.

Common juniper is a plant resistant to pests but sensitive to excess watering.

Juniperus communis propagates from seeds but it's a slow process (1-2 years to germinate); It's advisable to use semi-woody cuttings (in autumn) or buy new plants in nurseries or garden centers.

Images of the shrub Juniperus communis or Common juniper

Juniperus communis
Juniperus communis