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Care of the plant Helichrysum cymosum or Licorice Plant.

Care of the plant Helichrysum cymosum or Licorice Plant

The genus Helichrysum, family Asteraceae, comprises 600 species of shrubs and herbaceous plants native to Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Some species are: Helichrysum cymosum, Helichrysum bracteatum, Helichrysum petiolare, Helichrysum italicum, Helichrysum arenarium, Helichrysum rupestre, Helichrysum splendidum, Helichrysum teretifolium, Helichrysum saxatile.

Common names: Licorice Plant, Liquorice plant, Gold carpet. This species is native to South Africa.

They are highly branched, covering subshrubs that reach 50 cm in height. The stems are whitish in color and the small aromatic leaves are covered with fine silver-gray hairs on the upper side. The showy yellow flowers appear in tight terminal groups. They can bloom several times a year.

These fast growing plants are used in borders, in aromatic plant gardens, to cover dry areas of the garden, in pots for balconies and terraces. They are ideal for gardens by the sea due to their resistance to salinity.

Helichrysum cymosum can be grown in full sun or light shade exposure. They do not resist frost.

The soil must be very well drained; they can grow in sandy and poor substrates.

They need moderate watering, waiting for the substrate to dry completely.

They do not need fertilizers.

Prune after flowering to keep it compact.

They are easy to grow plants and resistant to pests and diseases.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or autumn or from cuttings; root in a mixture of sand and compost.

Imagen of the plant Helichrysum cymosum or Licorice Plant

Helichrysum cymosum
Helichrysum cymosum

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