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Care of the plant Gasteria disticha or Ox Tongue.

Care of the succulent plant Gasteria disticha or Ox Tongue

The genus Gasteria, family Xanthorrhoeaceae, comprises 80 species of succulent plants native to South Africa. Some species are: Gasteria disticha, Gasteria carinata, Gasteria bicolor, Gasteria excelsa, Gasteria liliputana, Gasteria angustifolia.

Common names: Ox Tongue, Great Karoo ox-tongue. This species is native to Great Karoo, South Africa.

They are small succulent plants that reach 40 cm (15.74") in height. The fleshy leaves have a distal arrangement, are green and reddish in color with small white spots. The flowers appear in long clusters, are green or red in color and bloom in spring.

They are used in pots for patios, terraces, greenhouses, indoors and in rockeries in the garden.

Gasteria disticha needs a very bright exposure but without direct sun (leaves turn brown). They resist the cold up to 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil should be sandy and well drained, contain leaf mulch and 15% garden substrate. Transplant every 3 years in spring.

Water abundantly in summer; reduce watering in spring and autumn waiting for the substrate to dry; do not water in winter.

Fertilize in early spring with compost or manure and mineral fertilizer for cacti every 15 days during flowering.

They are easy to grow plants that can be attacked by mealybugs if there is excess moisture.

They propagate by seeds (they take several days to germinate), by leaf cuttings or by division in spring.

Images of the succulent plant Gasteria disticha or Ox Tongue

Gasteria disticha
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria disticha
Gasteria disticha