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Care of the plant Eustoma grandiflorum or Texas bluebell.

Care of the plant Eustoma grandiflorum or Texas bluebell

The genus Eustoma, family Gentianaceae, includes 3 species of herbaceous plants native to the southern US, Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. The species are: Eustoma grandiflorum, Eustoma barkleyi and Eustoma exaltatum.

Common names: Texas bluebell, Showy prairie gentian, Lisianthus. This species is native to the Great Plains region of North America.

They are annual or biennial plants that reach 50 cm (19.68") in height at flowering time. The leaves, light green or greyish in color and lanceolate, appear in a rosette. The central stem sprouts the attractive flowers, single or double, which can be blue, purple, pink, orange, white or red, depending on the variety. They bloom in summer.

These plants are ideal for temperate climates with cool summers. They are used in pots for patios and terraces, as indoor plants and on borders in the garden. They are not recommended for growing by the sea.

Eustoma grandiflorum prefers semi-shady exposure and temperate climates. In Mediterranean climates you have to avoid direct sun in summer.

The soil must drain very well and contain a little organic matter; they do not resist very acid soils. They are not usually transplanted because they are grown as annuals.

Water frequently, without ever flooding, so that the substrate does not dry out completely.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 2 weeks in spring or use a slow-release fertilizer in mid-spring.

They do not need pruning.

They are sensitive to the attack of Mildew, Botrytis and Fusarium if there is excess of irrigation and sometimes they can be attacked by caterpillars, thrips and leaf miners.

They propagate by seeds but are very small and difficult to handle; It's advisable to purchase already developed specimens in garden centers and plant stores.

Images of the plant Eustoma grandiflorum or Texas bluebell

Eustoma grandiflorum
Eustoma grandiflorum
Eustoma grandiflorum
Eustoma grandiflorum