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Care of the plant Eucomis autumnalis or Autumn pineapple lily.

Care of the bulbous plant Eucomis autumnalis or Autumn pineapple lily

The genus Eucomis, family Asparagaceae, includes 10 species of bulbous plants native to Africa. Some species are: Eucomis autumnalis, Eucomis montana, Eucomis vandermerwei, Eucomis zambesiaca.

Common names: Autumn pineapple lily, Autumn pineapple flower. This species is native to Malawi, Zimbabwe and southern Africa.

They are bulbous plants with large bulbs (10 cm/3.93" in diameter) that reach 60 cm in height when they bloom. The leaves appear in rosettes, they are fleshy, wavy and soft in texture. The inflorescence appears in the center of the rosette and is a cylindrical raceme with abundant star-shaped flowers that are white or yellowish green. They bloom from late summer to early fall.

They are used in rockeries, to cover slopes, next to a wall, in borders and in large pots for patios and terraces.

Eucomis autumnalis can be grown in full sun or semi-shade exposure. They resist occasional freezes but it's better not to expose them to temperatures below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

They prefer a soil that contains organic matter and is very well drained. The bulbs are planted in spring just below ground level.

Water frequently in spring and summer so that the substrate is always humid but without ever flooding. In winter reduce watering a lot.

Fertilize with compost in early spring.

They do not need pruning.

Do not present problems of pests and diseases if they do not suffer excessive drought or excessive irrigation.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring; they germinate in a month or month and a half.

Images of the bulbous plant Eucomis autumnalis or Autumn pineapple lily

Eucomis autumnalis
Eucomis autumnalis
Eucomis autumnalis