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Cuidados de la planta Echinopsis subdenudata o Cactus lirio de Pascua.

Care of the cactus Echinopsis subdenudata or Easter Lily Cactus

The genus Echinopsis, family Cactaceae, comprises 150 species of cactus native to South America. Some species are: Echinopsis subdenudata, Echinopsis spachiana, Echinopsis schieliana, Echinopsis peruviana, Echinopsis oxygona, Echinopsis huascha, Echinopsis chiloensis, Echinopsis chamaecereus, Echinopsis candicans, Echinopsis bruchii, Echinopsis aurea, Echinopsis atacamensis, Echinopsis ancistrophora, Echinopsis schickendantzii, Echinopsis mamillosa, Echinopsis tarijensis, Echinopsis pachanoiEchinopsis rhodotricha.

Common names: Night-blooming Hedge-hog, Easter Lily Cactus. This species is native to Bolivia.

They are cacti with a bright green body and globular shape that reach 10 cm (3.93") in height; they can form colonies. They have 12-15 smooth ribs in their youth and later with small tubercles. A few very short light-colored spines may appear on the white woolly areolas. They produce spectacular large, scented white flowers that open in the afternoon and throughout the night. They bloom in summer.

They are used in pots as an indoor plant (with good lighting and ventilation) or for a patio, terrace and balcony.

Echinopsis subdenudata needs full sun exposure and a dry climate. In winter the temperature should be above 3 ºC (37.4 ºF).

The soil can be a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand. When the pot becomes small, the cactus stops growing; transplant in early spring.

Water moderately waiting for the substrate to dry. In winter it is important not to water.

Fertilize every 3 weeks in summer with mineral fertilizer for cacti to promote flowering.

The biggest danger for these plants is excessive moisture at the roots.

They propagate by rooting suckers or by seeds sown in the nursery in late winter or early spring.

Images of the cactus Echinopsis subdenudata or Easter Lily Cactus

Echinopsis subdenudata