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Care of the plant Alternanthera brasiliana or Brazilian joyweed.

Care of the plant Alternanthera brasiliana or Brazilian joyweed

The genus Alternanthera, family Amaranthaceae, includes about 140 species of herbaceous plants native to all continents. Some species are: Alternanthera brasiliana, Alternanthera ficoidea, Alternanthera pungens, Alternanthera nodiflora, Alternanthera sessilis, Alternanthera philoxeroides, Alternanthera tenella.

Common names: Brazilian joyweed, Bloodleaf, Parrot leaf, Large purple alternanthera, Metal weed, Ruby leaf, Purple alternanthera, Purple joyweed. This species is native to Central and South America.

They are perennial herbaceous plants (deciduous if it is cold) with erect red, green or purple stems that can exceed 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height. The opposite leaves are up to 10 cm long, purple and glossy green when budded. The small white flowers appear in rounded pompoms that contrast with the dark color of the foliage. They can bloom at any season of the year, especially in winter.

Brazilian joyweed is used in borders, in borders and in pots for patios and terraces. It combines well with plants of the genera Senna, Coreopsis and Tagetes.

Alternanthera brasiliana needs full sun exposure and a warm climate. It does not resist frost.

The soil can be a normal well-drained garden soil with coarse sand and containing abundant organic matter.

Water regularly (without wetting the leaves) in spring and summer so that the substrate does not dry out completely (never flood). In autumn and winter reduce watering.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 2 weeks in spring.

Prune after flowering to maintain a compact habit.

Purple joyweed is a plant resistant to the usual pests and diseases; they can be attacked by fungi if the drainage is not adequate and by insects that devour the leaves.

Parrot leaf is easily propagated from seed and by cuttings in spring.

Images of the plant Alternanthera brasiliana or Brazilian joyweed

Alternanthera brasiliana
Alternanthera brasiliana
Alternanthera brasiliana