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Care of the plant Cyclamen persicum or Persian cyclamen.

Care of the plant Cyclamen persicum or Persian cyclamen

The genus Cyclamen, family Primulaceae, includes 23 species of herbaceous plants with tubers native to Asia, Africa and Europe. Some species are: Cyclamen persicum, Cyclamen purpurascens, Cyclamen cyprium, Cyclamen graecum, Cyclamen repandum, Cyclamen africanum.

Common names: Persian cyclamen. This species is native to the Middle East and Persia (Iran).

They are perennial plants with a large tuber that reach 20 cm (7.87") in height when they bloom. They are usually grown as biannuals. The beautiful heart-shaped leaves are dark green with marble-like patterns. The showy, scented flowers appear on succulent stems and can be white, light pink, red, and fuchsia pink. They can bloom in winter and spring.

Persian cyclamen is usually used in pots for patios, balconies and terraces, as an indoor plant (do not place near the heating system), in rockery and in light undergrowth.

Cyclamen persicum needs a shaded or filtered light exposure, always avoiding direct sun in the central hours of the day. It resists cold and frost.

Soil can be a mixture of heather soil, leaf mulch, manure, and humus.

Persian cyclamen needs regular waterings throughout the year, preventing the substrate from drying out completely.

Fertilize monthly with mineral fertilizer during the flowering season.

Cyclamen persicum does not need pruning.

Persian cyclamen can be attacked by mites and insects if it suffers drought and by fungi if there is excess watering.

Cyclamen persicum is propagated from seeds sown in mid-summer but it's best to acquire new plants in nurseries or garden centers.

Images of the plant Cyclamen persicum or Persian cyclamen

Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen persicum
Cyclamen hederifolium