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Care of the plant Crassula perforata or String of Buttons.

Care of the succulent plant Crassula perforata or String of Buttons

The genus Crassula, family Crassulaceae, includes 600 species of succulent plants native to southern Africa. Some species are: Crassula perforata, Crassula muscosa, Crassula multicava, Crassula marnierana, Crassula falcataCrassula capitella, Crassula Buddha's Temple (cultivar), Crassula arborescens, Crassula ovataCrassula tetragonaCrassula arta, Crassula radicans, Crassula CoralitaCrassula picturata, Crassula corymbulosa.

Common names: Fairy crassula, Pitted crassula, London pride. This species is native to Namibia and South Africa.

They are succulent plants with characteristic decusada and opposite leaves that seem perforated by the stem, since they grow hugging it; They are very light green and reddish spots on the edges. The small flowers are yellowish white and have no ornamental interest.

They are easy to grow plants that are used in pots for balconies, terraces or patios and as an indoor plant.

The Crassula perforata needs a very bright exposure without receiving direct sunlight. They do not resist cold below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of 2/3 of garden substrate and 1/3 of coarse sand to achieve good drainage.

Water moderately (waiting for the soil to dry out completely) as they are resistant to drought but not excess moisture.

Fertilize once a month in spring with mineral fertilizer for cacti and succulents.

These plants, resistant to pests and diseases, only fear excess water.

They propagate easily by stem cuttings in spring or summer.

Images of the succulent plant Crassula perforata or String of Buttons

Crassula perforata
Crassula perforata
Crassula perforata
Crassula perforata