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Care of the plant Artemisia californica or California sagebrush.

Care of the plant Artemisia californica or California sagebrush

The genus Artemisia, family Asteraceae, comprises 500 species of shrubs and herbaceous plants native to almost all continents. Some species are: Artemisia californica, Artemisia arborescens, Artemisia afra, Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia pedemontana, Artemisia cana, Artemisia rigida.

Common name: California sagebrush. This species is native to western North America.

They are fast-growing aromatic evergreen shrubs that branch from the base; they have a rounded bearing and reach 2 meters (6.56 feet) in height. The leaves are gray or light green, covered with hairs that give them a grayish color and are divided into thin lobes (from 2 to 4) like a fern. The flowers are small, yellowish or red in color, but are not very decorative.

They are used in slopes and dry areas of low maintenance of the garden; they combine with other plants such as Leonotis, Erioganum, Salvia and Baccharis. They are excellent for Mediterranean coastal gardens.

Artemisia californica prefers full sun exposure but can grow in semi-shade. They can resist frosts of up to -7 ºC (19.4 ºF).

They can be grown in calcareous, poor, sandy, rocky or clay soils.

Drought resistance is very high. Water sporadically in spring; the rest of the year they are maintained in the rain. In summer it is better not to water even if it is very hot.

It's not necessary to fertilize.

They tolerate light pruning in late winter.

They do not usually have pest and disease problems.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or by cuttings in summer.

Images of the plant Artemisia californica or California sagebrush

Artemisia californica
Artemisia californica