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Care of the plant Adenium obesum or Desert rose.

Care of the indoor plant Adenium obesum or Desert rose

The Adenium genus is made up of 15 species of shrubs of the Apocynaceae family native to tropical regions of eastern and southern Africa and Arabia. The main species are: Adenium obesum, Adenium arabicum, Adenium speciosum, Adenium somalense, Adenium coetaneum.

Common names: Desert rose, Mock azalea, Impala lily and Sabi star.

They are very slow growing succulent evergreen shrubs that reach 1.5 (4.92 feet) meters tall in the garden and 0.5 meters in a pot. The leathery leaves emerge in a spiral and are simple and whole. The attractive pink or red flowers are tubular and with five petals of about 5 cm in diameter; these flowers resemble those of the Nerium oleander plant. Be careful with the toxic sap of these plants.

Adenium obesum needs full sun exposure outdoors; it needs several hours of direct sun indoors. Does not withstand temperatures below 10 ºC (50 ºF).

The soil should be very well drained and contain organic matter.

They need very little water; for example, a watering every 15 days in spring and summer and gradually reducing in autumn until almost eliminating them in winter (resting time).

Fertilize 2 times in summer with a special fertilizer for cacti and succulent plants.

They can be attacked by whiteflies or aphids, but what is most dangerous is excess water and cold.

It can be propagated from the shoots produced by the plant itself (careful when handling them due to its toxic sap) or by seeds. Due to its slow growth it's better to buy the specimens in Nurseries, Garden Centers and Plant Stores.

Images of the indoor plant Adenium obesum or Desert rose

Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum
Adenium obesum