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Care of the plant Sedum spectabile or Showy stonecrop.

Care of the succulent plant Sedum spectabile or Showy stonecrop

The genus Sedum, family Crassulaceae, comprises 350 species of succulent plants distributed in cold and temperate regions of almost the entire planet. Some species are: Sedum spectabile, Sedum sieboldii, Sedum rubrotinctum, Sedum palmeri, Sedum pachyphyllum, Sedum morganianum, Sedum dendroideum, Sedum confusum, Sedum album, Sedum moranense, Sedum clavatum, Sedum acre, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sedum spurium.

Common names: Showy stonecrop, Butterfly stonecrop or Ice plant. This species is native to China and Korea.

They are succulent plants with erect bearing that reach 40-75 cm (16-30") in height, depending on the variety. The leaves can be elliptical, rounded or oval (with entire or serrated margins) and be grayish green, light green or with yellowish or white spots. The very showy starry flowers appear in corymbs of 15 cm (5.9") in diameter and can be pink or red. They bloom in mid-summer.

They are ideal plants to use in pots and planters for balconies, on rockeries, on borders or on low walls. They are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens and as a cut flower.

The Sedum spectabile needs a very bright exposure but without receiving the rays of the sun in the hottest hours of the day. They resist occasional frosts.

The soil must drain very well and contain little organic matter; they prefer sandy soils.

Water moderately, waiting until the soil has completely dried. In winter water once a month at most.

Fertilize once in spring with mineral fertilizer for succulents.

Prune faded flowers when flowering is complete.

They are quite resistant plants to pests and diseases but sensitive to excessive watering (never flood).

They are easily propagated from seeds sown in spring or by stem or leaf cuttings.

Images of the succulent plant Sedum spectabile or Showy stonecrop

Sedum spectabile
Sedum spectabile
Sedum spectabile