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Care of the plant Sedum album or White stonecrop.

Care of the succulent plant Sedum album or White stonecrop

The genus Sedum, family Crassulaceae, comprises 350 species of succulent plants distributed in cold and temperate regions of almost the entire planet. Some species are: Sedum album, Sedum confusum, Sedum pachyphyllum, Sedum dendroideum, Sedum moranense, Sedum clavatum, Sedum rubrotinctum, Sedum acre, Sedum morganianum, Sedum sieboldii, Sedum dasyphyllum, Sedum palmeri, Sedum spurium, Sedum spectabile.

Common names: White stonecrop, Small Houseleek. This species is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa.

They are small, slow-growing succulent plants that reach 20 cm (7.87") in height. They have small, fleshy green leaves that can turn reddish in winter. The flowers are white and appear in panicles 20 cm (7.87") high above the leaves. They bloom in spring and summer.

They are used in rockeries, on slopes, on borders and in pots and planters.

Sedum album can grow in direct sun or semi-shade exposures. They resist well the frosts and the high temperatures of the Mediterranean summer.

They prefer sandy soils for optimal drainage; use a commercial cactus substrate with 20% coarse sand.

Water moderately, waiting until the soil has completely dried; they resist drought well.

Fertilize with a little compost in early spring.

Prune wilted flower branches and stems after flowering.

They do not present problems of pests and diseases if there is not excess watering.

They are propagated in spring by division, by cuttings or from seeds.

Images of the succulent plant Sedum album or White stonecrop

Sedum album
Sedum album
Sedum album
Sedum album