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Care of the shrub Hypericum roeperianum or Large-leaved curry bush.

Care of the shrub Hypericum roeperianum or Large-leaved curry bush

The genus Hypericum, family Hypericaceae, includes some 400 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees with a cosmopolitan distribution. Some species are: Hypericum roeperianum, Hypericum revolutum, Hypericum canariense, Hypericum grandifolium, Hypericum calycinum, Hypericum olympicum, Hypericum polyphyllum, Hypericum elatum, Hypericum fragile, Hypericum balearicum, Hypericum x inodorum.

Common names: Large-leaved curry bush, Large-Leaves St John's Wort, Large-Leaved Hypericum. This species is native to Africa.

They are highly branched evergreen aromatic shrubs that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. The oval leaves, up to 8 cm (3.14") long, are dull green above and light green below. The showy bright yellow flowers are 5 cm (1.96") in diameter. They bloom in summer and part of autumn.

They are used in informal hedges, in bushy groups, next to watercourses, as isolated specimens and in pots for patios and terraces.

Hypericum roeperianum needs full sun exposure and a warm climate. Withstands light and occasional frosts.

The soil can be a normal well-drained garden soil with coarse sand and containing organic matter.

Water regularly, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. They resist a few days of drought when they are established.

Fertilize at the end of winter with compost or manure.

At the end of winter, lightly prune the tips of the branches to maintain a compact habit.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

It is easily propagated from seed sown in spring, by cuttings and by division.

Images of the shrub Hypericum roeperianum or Large-leaved curry bush

Hypericum roeperianum
Hypericum roeperianum
Hypericum roeperianum