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Care of the plant Grevillea robusta or Australian silver oak.

Care of the tree Grevillea robusta or Australian silver oak

The genus Grevillea, family Proteaceae, comprises 400-500 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Some species are: Grevillea robusta, Grevillea rosmarinifolia, Grevillea lanigera, Grevillea juniperina, Grevillea johnsonii, Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo, Grevillea Clearview David, Grevillea brachystachya, Grevillea alpina, Grevillea sulphurea, Grevillea thyrsoides, Grevillea crithmifolia, Grevillea olivacea.

Common names: Australian silver oak, Southern silky oak, Silk oak, Silky oak, Silver oak. This species is native to the east coast of Australia.

They are evergreen trees with a wide crown (pyramidal when young) that reach 30 meters (98.42 feet) in height. The large pinnate leaves are up to 30 cm (11.8") long and are dark green on the upper surface and light green on the underside. The yellow or orange flowers appear in clusters. They bloom in spring and summer.

These fast-growing plants are used as single specimens, in small groups, on streets and in public parks, and in pots for patios and terraces.

Grevillea robusta needs full sun exposure and a Mediterranean climate. It resists occasional frosts but lose their leaves.

The soil can be a normal garden soil with coarse sand and organic matter; excellent drainage is important. The planting is done in spring.

Water regularly, waiting for the substrate to be almost dry. Adult specimens resist drought.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer during the flowering season and with organic matter in autumn.

Australian silver oak does not need pruning.

Grevillea robusta is a resistant plant to the usual pests and diseases.

Silky oak is propagated from seeds sown in spring and summer by cuttings.

Images of the tree Grevillea robusta or Australian silver oak

Grevillea robusta
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea robusta
Grevillea robusta