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Care of the plant Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo or Grevillea.

Care of the shrub Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo or Grevillea

The genus Grevillea, family Proteaceae, comprises 400-500 species of shrubs and trees native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. Some species are: Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo, Grevillea Clearview David, Grevillea brachystachya, Grevillea robusta, Grevillea johnsonii, Grevillea juniperina, Grevillea alpina, Grevillea rosmarinifolia, Grevillea sulphurea, Grevillea lanigera, Grevillea thyrsoides, Grevillea crithmifolia, Grevillea olivacea.

Common name: Grevillea. This plant is a hybrid between cultivars.

They are evergreen shrubs with a rounded bearing and fast growth that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) in height. The attractive silver foliage is made up of long, narrow gray-green leaves. The attractive yellow flowers appear on long spikes. They can bloom throughout the year, especially in the fall.

They are used to form hedges and screens, in public parks, as isolated specimens in small and medium gardens or in pots when they are young. They resist pollution from cities. They are recommended as cut flowers for floral decorations.

The Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo can be grown in full sun or semi-shade exposures. They resist the high temperatures of tropical and Mediterranean climates. They resist light and occasional frosts.

The soil must be well drained and contain little organic matter.

Always water moderately, waiting for the substrate to dry. They resist drought well.

Fertilize every month in spring and summer with low phosphorous mineral fertilizer at half its usual dose.

Prune in late winter to keep it compact.

They are sensitive plants to rotting of the roots produced by an excess of humidity.

They propagate by seeds and by semi-woody cuttings of 15 cm (5.9"); use rooting hormones.

Images of the shrub Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo or Grevillea

Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo
Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo
Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo
Grevillea Golden Yu-Lo