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Care of the plant Hakea laurina or Pin-cushion hakea.

Care of the shrub Hakea laurina or Pin-cushion hakea

The genus Hakea, family Proteaceae, comprises 150 species of trees and shrubs native to Australia. Some species are: Hakea laurina, Hakea cristata, Hakea bucculenta, Hakea aculeata, Hakea prostrata, Hakea recurva, Hakea leucoptera, Hakea orthorrhyncha, Hakea petiolaris, Hakea nitida.

Common name: Pin-cushion hakea. This species is native to Western Australia.

They are large shrubs or small evergreen trees that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. The beautiful, leathery alternate leaves are grayish-green in color and have showy cream-colored veins on the underside. The scented pincushion-shaped flowers are red and white. They bloom from autumn to early winter.

These fast-growing plants are used as screens, informal hedges, and isolated specimens in the garden. Young plants need stakes to protect them from the wind. They are also used as cut flowers for bouquets and floral decorations.

Hakea laurina needs exposure to full sun or light shade. They resist occasional frosts down to -5 ºC (23 ºF).

The soil should be very well drained (with coarse sand) and contain decomposed leaf mulch.

They are plants resistant to drought; water moderately waiting for the substrate to dry.

Fertilize in the fall with compost.

Prune after flowering to keep it compact.

The greatest danger for these shrubs is excess moisture; they lose leaves if there is excess watering.

They propagate by cuttings in summer; rooting in pots with heat at the base.

Images of the shrub Hakea laurina or Pin-cushion hakea

Hakea laurina
Hakea laurina
Hakea laurina
Hakea laurina