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Care of the plant Hakea cristata or Snail hakea.

Care of the shrub Hakea cristata or Snail hakea

The genus Hakea, family Proteaceae, comprises 150 species of trees and shrubs native to Australia. Some species are: Hakea cristata, Hakea bucculenta, Hakea laurina, Hakea aculeata, Hakea prostrata, Hakea recurva, Hakea leucoptera, Hakea orthorrhyncha, Hakea petiolaris, Hakea nitida.

Common name: Snail hakea. This species is native to Western Australia.

They are highly branched and erect evergreen shrubs that reach 3 meters (9.84 feet) in height. They have greenish-gray leaves with silver tones and a spiny margin; when they sprout the leaves are bronze in color. They produce white flowers similar to Grevilleas. They bloom in summer.

They are used in Mediterranean coastal gardens as windbreaks, informal hedges, and isolated specimens. They are suitable for patios and terraces in large pots.

Hakea cristata can be grown in full sun or light shade exposures. They resist occasional low intensity frosts.

They prefer fertile, well-drained soils but can grow on slightly calcareous or clay soils.

Water moderately, waiting for the substrate to dry completely. They have quite a resistance to drought.

Fertilize in early spring with a low potassium mineral fertilizer.

They do not need pruning.

They are resistant plants to the usual pests and diseases.

They propagate from semi-mature cuttings in summer or from seeds sown in autumn.

Images of the shrub Hakea cristata or Snail hakea

Hakea cristata
Hakea cristata
Hakea cristata
Hakea cristata