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Care of the plant Dais cotinifolia or Pompom tree.

Care of the tree Dais cotinifolia or Pompom tree

The genus Dais, family Thymelaeaceae, includes only 2 species of trees native to the south of the African continent. The species are: Dais cotinifolia and Dais glaucescens.

Common name: Pompom tree. This species is native to Southern Africa.

They are trees with a rounded crown that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. They have bright green leaves with marked yellowish veins; if the climate is warm they behave like perennials or semi-perennials and if the climate is colder they behave like deciduous. The most interesting are its showy pink flowers that appear in pompoms. They bloom during the summer. When the flowers wither they harden and can be used as a dried flower for floral decorations.

They are used in small gardens as isolated specimens, in small groups in medium or large gardens, and in streets and public parks.

Dais cotinifolia needs full sun exposure and warm temperatures; they resist light and occasional frosts.

The soil must be deep, well drained and contain abundant organic matter (compost). The planting in its final place is done in spring.

Water moderately considering that they resist drought quite well; young specimens need more water. It is advisable to wait for the soil to dry before watering.

Fertilize with a thick layer of compost at the base of the plant in early spring or late winter.

Prune lightly after flowering to maintain a compact appearance.

They are plants quite resistant to pests but sensitive to excessive watering.

They propagate by seeds sown in spring or early summer in a well-drained substrate.

Images of the tree Dais cotinifolia or Pompom tree

Dais cotinifolia
Dais cotinifolia
Dais cotinifolia