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Care of the plant Aralia elata or Japanese angelica tree.

Care of the shrub Aralia elata or Japanese angelica tree

The genus Aralia, family Araliaceae, comprises 68 species of shrubs, trees and perennials native to Asia and America. Some species are: Aralia elata, Aralia nudicaulis, Aralia chinensis, Aralia cordata, Aralia racemosa.

Common names: Chinese angelica-tree, Japanese angelica-tree, Korean angelica-tree. This species is native to Far East.

They are shrubs that reach 7 meters (23 feet) high. The crown is open as the leaves, bright green, grow horizontally; the leaves are compound and are made up of oval leaflets, gently toothed and pointed. The flowers appear in terminal panicles and are small. They bloom in summer. They produce small blue-black fruits.

They are used for small gardens or patios due to their rapid growth.

Aralia elata needs exposure to full sun or semi-shade (in Mediterranean climates) and temperate climates; they can resist the cold.

The soil for these plants can be a normal garden substrate.

Water frequently but with little water to avoid puddling.

They do not need pruning.

Fertilize with compost or manure in late winter and with mineral fertilizer twice in summer and once in winter.

They can be attacked by aphids, thrips, mites or fungi if we exceed ourselves with irrigation.

They propagate from cuttings.

Images of the shrub Aralia elata or Japanese angelica tree

Aralia elata
Aralia elata
Aralia elata