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Care of the plant Arabis x arendsii or Pink Wall Cress.

Care of the plant Arabis x arendsii or Pink Wall Cress

The genus Arabis, family Brassicaceae, comprises 100 species of herbaceous plants distributed on almost all continents. Some species are: Arabis alpina, Arabis hirsuta, Arabis caucasica, Arabis glabra, Arabis aubrietioides, Arabis armena.

Common names: Rockcress, Pink Wall Cress. This species is native to the Rocky Mountains from Montana to New Mexico. It's a hybrid between the species Arabis caucasica and Arabis aubrietioides.

They are small herbaceous perennial or semi-perennial plants that reach 20 cm (7.87") in height. They have small oval-shaped leaves and a grayish-green color; appear in rosettes along the stems. The most interesting thing is its scented flowers with 4 petals and fuchsia pink color. They bloom from late spring to early summer.

They are used in pots, in rockeries, in alpine gardens, as coverings for slopes or in borders. They combine well with plants of the genera Aubrieta, Alyssum and Armeria. They are also interesting as a cut flower.

Arabis x arendsii prefers full sun exposure and warm climates. They do not tolerate frosts or cold and wet winters.

They are easy to grow and medium growing plants that can grow in poor, sandy soils provided they are well drained.

It has good resistance to drought; water moderately, waiting until the soil has dried.

Fertilize with a slow-release fertilizer in early spring.

Prune lightly after flowering to give them a more compact appearance.

They are resistant to pests but sensitive to excess watering and environmental humidity.

They propagate easily from seeds sown in spring. It's important to renew the plants every 2 years because they are losing attractiveness.

Images of the plant Arabis x arendsii or Pink Wall Cress

Arabis x arendsii
Arabis x arendsii