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Care of the plant Agave americana or American aloe.

Care of the succulent plant Agave americana or American aloe

The Agave genus, a subfamily of the Agavoideae, comprises some 300 species of succulent plants native to Mexico, Central America and the Southwest of the USA. Some species are: Agave americana, Agave attenuata, Agave stricta, Agave potatorum, Agave victoria-reginae, Agave striata, Agave impressa, Agave ferox, Agave filifera, Agave macroacantha, Agave sisalana, Agave bracteosa, Agave ferdinandi-regis, Agave shawii, Agave parrasana, Agave parryi, Agave angustifolia, Agave vilmorinianaAgave guadalajaranaAgave univittataAgave lechuguillaAgave datylio.

Common names: American aloe, Maguey, Sentry plant, Century plant. This species is native to Mexico.

They are acaule plants (without stem) with long leaves of up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) with a thorny edge and a large thorn at the tip. The color of the leaves can be blue-green or green and yellow. They can live for a maximum of 30-40 years as long as they do not bloom, since it must be borne in mind that Agaves die after flowering (although they first produce suckers at the base).

They are used in gardens as an isolated specimen or in groups. It is possible to grow them indoors well lit but with poor soil so that they do not grow much.

Agave americana needs exposure to full sun. It's capable of resisting some frost if they have not been watered. It's an ideal plant for gardens with a Mediterranean climate.

They prefer slightly clayey and sandy soil with enough coarse sand to have good drainage.

Water frequently in summer (waiting until the soil has dried) and gradually reduce watering in the fall to almost eliminate it in winter.

Does not need fertilization.

They are plants resistant to the usual pests and diseases.

They can be propagated by seeds (very slow process) or from the shoots of the base of the plant.

Images of the succulent plant Agave americana or American aloe

Agave americana
Agave americana
Agave americana
Agave americana
Agave americana