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Care of the plant Tillandsia cyanea or Pink Quill.

Care of the indoor plant Tillandsia cyanea or Pink Quill

The genus Tillandsia, family Bromeliaceae, comprises 600 species of epiphytic plants native to the American continent. Some species are: Tillandsia cyanea, Tillandsia aeranthos, Tillandsia usneoides, Tillandsia australis, Tillandsia dyeriana, Tillandsia imperialis, Tillandsia fasciculata, Tillandsia geminiflora.

Common names: Air Plant, Pink Quill, Kamehameha's Paddle, Pink feather. This species is native to native to Ecuador, South America.

They are epiphytic tropical plants that reach 30 cm (11.8") in height when they bloom. The dark green linear leaves are arched and ribbed longitudinally. The very showy inflorescence is composed of imbricated fuchsia pink bracts; produces funnel-shaped, purple flowers.

They are used as indoor and greenhouse plants; in summer they can be placed outdoors in a location protected from direct sun.

Tillandsia cyanea needs a light exposure but no direct sun and a warm climate. It does not grow well at temperatures below 18 ºC (64.4 ºF).

The soil can be a substrate for orchids or a mixture, in equal parts, of peat, coarse sand and Osmunda fiber.

Water frequently with lime-free water to maintain constant humidity but without flooding. They need a medium-high humidity.

They do not need pruning or fertilizer.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases. If the humidity is low, they can be attacked by mites and mealybugs.

They are propagated by division of suckers in summer; plant them in a mixture of perlite and peat and place them in the shade until they take root.

Images of the indoor plant Tillandsia cyanea or Pink Quill

Tillandsia cyanea
Tillandsia cyanea