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Care of the plant Tibouchina urvilleana or Princess flower.

Care of the shrub Tibouchina urvilleana or Princess flower

The genus Tibouchina, family Melastomataceae, comprises 300 species of tropical shrubs and trees native to Brazil, Mexico and Central America. Some species are: Tibouchina urvilleana, Tibouchina lepidota, Tibouchina viminea, Tibouchina anderssonii, Tibouchina bicolor.

Common names: Purple glory tree, Princess flower, Glory bush, Lasiandra, Pleroma. This species is native to Brazil.

They are shrubs with herbaceous stems that reach 6 meters (19.68 feet) in height. They have opposite leaves with serrated edges, oval shape and velvety texture. The beautiful flowers, up to 8 cm (3.14"), are purple or pinkish purple.

They are used as indoor plants in large pots, as isolated specimens and in small bushy groups.

Tibouchina urvilleana needs an illuminated exposure but without direct sun during the whole year except in winter that needs several hours of daily sun. They do not resist frost. They need a winter rest at 10-15 ºC (50-59 ºF).

The soil can be a mixture of coarse sand, peat and mulch in equal parts. Transplant each spring to a pot of a larger size.

Water abundantly (never flood) during spring and summer. Place wet gravel under the pot to increase the humidity. In autumn and winter keep the soil slightly moist.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer in spring and summer.

Prune the main stems in half in early spring.

They can be attacked by mealybugs, especially if the humidity is low.

They propagate from cuttings in early spring; use rooting hormones.

Images of the shrub Tibouchina urvilleana or Princess flower

Tibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana
Tibouchina urvilleana