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Care of the plant Teucrium flavum or Yellow Germander.

Care of the plant Teucrium flavum or Yellow Germander

The genus Teucrium, family Lamiaceae, comprises 300 species of perennials and shrubs from the Mediterranean region and the Canary Islands. Some species are: Teucrium flavum, Teucrium chamaedrys, Teucrium fruticans, Teucrium heterophyllum, Teucrium pyrenaicum, Teucrium aroanium, Teucrium polium, Teucrium scorodonia.

Common name: Yellow Germander. This species is native to Western mediterranean.

They are rounded subshrubs that reach 50 cm in height when they flower. The interesting bright green foliage is composed of leathery leaves with a crenate margin and opposite arrangement. The flowers are spur-shaped and can be light yellow or creamy-white. They bloom from mid spring to early summer.

They are used in dry areas of the garden, to cover sunny slopes, in rockeries, in borders and in pots and planters. They have medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory and venous and lymphatic decogestant.

Teucrium flavum offers direct sun exposure but also grows in light shade. They resist occasional frosts.

They grow in any well-drained soil, be it poor, calcareous, stony or sandy; Soils that contain a lot of organic matter are not suitable. Plant in spring at the rate of 4 specimens per square meter.

These plants have excellent resistance to drought; They only need occasional watering during the first months of their plantation; once settled, they remain with the little rains of the Mediterranean climate.

They do not need fertilizers.

Prune faded flowers and prune lightly in early spring or late winter.

They are plants resistant to pests but sensitive to fungal diseases caused by excessive watering.

They are propagated from seeds sown in a seedbed in sandy soil in autumn or spring.


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Teucrium flavum
Teucrium flavum
Teucrium flavum