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Care of the plant Spartium junceum or Spanish broom.

Care of the shrub Spartium junceum or Spanish broom

The genus Spartium, family Fabaceae, includes a single species of shrub native to the Iberian Peninsula: Spartium junceum.

Common names: Spanish broom, Rush broom, Weaver's broom.

They are erect shrubs and glaucous green stems that reach 4 meters (13.12 feet) in height. They have tiny leaves with no ornamental value. The attractive and abundant flowers are deep yellow. They bloom in summer.

They are used in groups combined with other shrubs to create color contrasts.

Spartium junceum needs full sun exposure and average annual temperatures of 15-25 ºC (59-77 ºF). They do not resist intense cold or frost.

The soil can be a normal garden soil with a little manure. The planting is done in spring or summer.

Water abundantly in spring and summer; reduce watering in fall and winter. Do not let the soil dry out completely.

Fertilize in fall with compost and with mineral fertilizer once in spring.

Prune lightly after flowering and more intensively at the beginning of winter.

They can be attacked by mites and aphids.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring and by division (pruned plants that are more than 4 years old).

Images of the shrub Spartium junceum or Spanish broom

Spartium junceum
Spartium junceum
Spartium junceum