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Care of the plant Silene or Catchfly.

Care of the plant Silene or Catchfly

The genus Silene, family Caryophyllaceae, comprises 300 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants native to Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. Some species are: Silene acaulis, Silene pendula, Silene saxifraga, Silene pseudoatocion, Silene coeli-rosa, Silene gigantea, Silene hifacensis, Silene fruticosa, Silene maritima, Silene schafta.

Common names: Campion plant, Catchfly.

They are herbaceous plants with elongated or oval leaves, deep green, hairy and slightly slimy. The flowers are star-shaped, 5-petalled, and can be white, light pink, salmon, or dark pink. They bloom in spring and fall.

They are used in pots and planters and in flowerbeds, borders, rockery and flowery walls.

La Silene needs full sun or semi-shade exposure.

They can grow in normal garden soil with 15% coarse sand to improve drainage.

Always water moderately, waiting until the soil has dried.

Prune the stems of faded flowers.

Fertilize every 15 days with mineral fertilizer during the flowering season.

They are quite resistant plants to common pests and diseases in gardens.

They are propagated in autumn or spring by division or from seeds sown in late winter; they easily self-propagate.

Images of the plant Silene or Catchfly

Silene fruticosa
Silene hifacensis
Silene hifacensis
Silene hifacensis
Silene pseudoatocion
Silene pseudoatocion