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Care of the plant Schizanthus wisetonensis or Butterfly flower.

Care of the plant Schizanthus wisetonensis or Butterfly flower

The genus Schizanthus, family Solanaceae, comprises 12 species of annual herbaceous plants native to Chile and Argentina. Some species are: Schizanthus wisetonensis, Schizanthus alpestris, Schizanthus retusus, Schizanthus grahamii, Schizanthus pinnatus.

Common names: Butterfly flower, Fringeflower, Poor-man's-orchid. This species is native to Chile.

They are annual herbaceous plants that reach 60 cm in height. They have deep green leaves divided into incisor segments with serrated or smooth edges. The attractive and abundant beautiful tubular flowers can be red, white, pink, lilac or purple. They bloom from spring to late summer.

They are easy to grow plants that are used in pots for terraces and balconies, to form curbs, isolated groups or beds, and even as cut flowers.

Schizanthus wisetonensis needs a cool, semi-shady exposure because it cannot withstand very intense heat. They must be protected from the wind because the stems are delicate.

The soil can be normal garden soil with 1/6 coarse sand and 1/3 heather soil.

Water frequently so that the soil is moist but never water.

They do not need proper pruning. The tip of the plant should be cut twice: first when the plants are 10 cm and then when they reach 20 cm in height. In this way, a compact appearance is maintained and the number of flowers is increased.

Fertilize fortnightly with mineral fertilizer during spring and summer to promote flowering.

They are plants quite resistant to diseases. The main dangers are excessive heat and excessive watering that rot the roots.

They are propagated from seeds sown in spring in the nursery; transplant when they reach 10 cm in height.

Images of the plant Schizanthus wisetonensis or Butterfly flower

Schizanthus wisetonensis
Schizanthus wisetonensis
Schizanthus wisetonensis
Schizanthus wisetonensis