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Care of the plant Matthiola incana or Stock.

Care of the plant Matthiola incana or Stock

The genus Matthiola, family Brassicaceae, includes some 22 species of herbaceous plants native to the Mediterranean region, South Africa and Central Asia. Some species are: Matthiola incana, Matthiola bicornis, Matthiola pedemontana, Matthiola sinuata, Matthiola fruticulosa, Matthiola tricuspidata.

Common names: Stock, Tenweeks stock, Gillyflower, Brompton Stock, Common stock or Hoary stock. This species is native to the Mediterranean region.

They are semi-woody perennials at the base with many erect branches that reach 90 cm (35.43") in height. The leaves are lanceolate-obtuse, bright green in color and have a slightly wavy margin. The scented flowers, with 4 petals, appear in clusters and can be white, lilac, pink, purple, cream. They bloom in spring.

They are used in rockeries, borders and flowerbeds and in pots for terraces, balconies and patios.

Matthiola incana needs full sun exposure and a mild climate; it resists occasional and light frosts.

The soil must be very well drained and calcareous; they also grow on stony soils. Planting can be done in spring to flower in summer or in fall to achieve early flowering.

Always water moderately because they are plants sensitive to excess humidity but resistant to drought.

They do not need pruning but it's advisable to cut the withered flowers.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer rich in Potassium and Phosphorus every 20-25 days during the flowering period.

They can be attacked by aphids, caterpillars and cryptogamic diseases (fungi) if there is excess humidity.

They are propagated from seeds sown in summer or spring.

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Matthiola incana
Matthiola incana