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Care of the plant Ruellia brittoniana or Mexican petunia.

Care of the plant Ruellia brittoniana or Mexican petunia

The genus Ruellia, family Acanthaceae, comprises 160 species of perennial plants and shrubs native to America. Some species are: Ruellia brittoniana, Ruellia tuberosa, Ruellia geminiflora, Ruellia asperula, Ruellia brevifolia, Ruellia colorata.

Common names: Mexican petunia, Ruellia simplex, Mexican bluebell, Britton's wild petunia. This species is native to Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

They are fast-growing perennial herbaceous plants that reach 1 meter (3.28 feet) in height. They have long, lanceolate, opposite dark green leaves. The flowers are similar to Petunias and blue-violet in color; There are varieties of white, pink or light blue flowers. They bloom from spring to early winter.

They are used in borders, in flowerbeds and in pots and planters for patios, balconies and terraces.

The Ruellia brittoniana needs an illuminated exposure but without receiving direct sun in the central hours of the day. If it doesn't get enough light, it won't flower. It is a tropical plant that does not resist temperatures below 5 ºC (41 ºF).

The soil must be well drained and contain abundant organic matter. Transplant from pot every 2-3 years.

Water regularly in spring and summer but waiting for at least the surface of the substrate to dry; in autumn and winter reduce watering taking into account that they resist several days of drought.

Fertilize every 20 days during spring and summer with a mineral fertilizer to promote flowering.

After flowering it is convenient to prune the stems in half.

They can be attacked by fungi if there is excess irrigation and, sometimes, by aphids, mealybugs or whiteflies.

They are propagated from seeds or by division in early spring.

Images of the plant Ruellia brittoniana or Mexican petunia

Ruellia brittoniana
Ruellia brittoniana