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Care of the plant Rohdea japonica or Japanese sacred lily.

Care of the plant Rohdea japonica or Japanese sacred lily

The genus Rohdea, family Asparagaceae, includes 3 species of rhizomatous plants native to China and Japan. The species are: Rohdea japonica, Rohdea eucomoides, Rohdea tonkinensis.

Common names: Nippon lily, Sacred lily, Japanese sacred lily. This species is native to Japan, Korea and China.

They are perennial rhizomatous plants that reach 40-50 cm in height. They have dark green lanceolate leaves with creamy-white margins. The flowers are not decorative. They produce red or orange fruits that can be decorative.

They are used in pots for patios and terraces and to form groups in the garden, in undergrowths or borders.

The Rohdea japonica needs a semi-shaded or shaded exposure avoiding direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day. It has good resistance to frost.

They can grow in any garden soil or in drier or wetter soils. Transplant in spring when the roots appear at the base of the pot.

Water regularly, waiting for the substrate to dry; they resist several days of drought.

They do not need pruning.

Fertilize with compost in the fall every 2 years and with a slow-release mineral fertilizer in early spring.

They are plants quite resistant to pests and diseases; sometimes they can be attacked by some insects that eat the leaves.

They propagate by division at the time of transplantation.

Images of the plant Rohdea japonica or Japanese sacred lily

Rohdea japonica
Rohdea japonica
Rohdea japonica
Rohdea japonica