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Care of the plant Phalaenopsis or Moth orchids.

Care of the plant Phalaenopsis or Moth orchids

The genus Phalaenopsis, family Orchidaceae, comprises 30 species of orchids native to Asia and Oceania. Some species are: Phalaenopsis violacea, Emerald Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis amabilis, Phalaenopsis schilleriana.

Common name: Moth orchids.

They are epiphytic orchids with short stems and highly adherent aerial roots. The leaves are sparse, elongated and oval, green with silver spots. The flowers are large and can be of many different colors (there are a wide variety of hybrids).

Phalaenopsis needs an average temperature above 20 ºC, high humidity (place a plate with a little water under the pot) and a shaded display than other orchids.

The soil can be a mixture of 15% peat, 75% pine bark, 5% dolomite (a type of limestone), and 5% expanded polystyrene. They can be transplanted if the plant requires it when they remain at rest.

Water with lime-free water and clean the leaves from time to time with a soft wet cloth. When it's at rest, do not eliminate watering, but keep the substrate always moist.

Fertilize weekly with mineral fertilizer for orchids in the vegetative period. The rest of the year use slow release mineral fertilizer.

They are orchids very resistant to diseases and pests.

They are propagated by division or by separation of the small plants that can form in the flower stems.

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