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Care of the plant Pandanus utilis or Common screwpine.

Care of the tree Pandanus utilis or Common screwpine

The genus Pandanus, family Pandanaceae, comprises 700 species of tropical plants native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Pacific. Some species are: Pandanus utilis, Pandanus tectorius, Pandanus fascicularis, Pandanus veitchii, Pandanus sanderi.

Common names: Common screwpine, Pandanus Palm, Screw Pine. This species is native to Madagascar.

They are curious dioecious tropical trees with a rounded crown that look like palm trees and reach 9 meters (29.5 feet) in height. They emit aerial roots that end up rooting in the ground and serve the tree as buttresses. The leaves are bluish-green, narrow, elongated, smooth-edged and pointed at the ends of the branches. They produce aromatic small white flowers. The fruits look like 25 cm (9.84") diameter pine cones.

These slow growing plants are used as indoor, greenhouse or garden plants as isolated specimens in Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical climates. They are ideal for gardens by the sea.

The Pandanus utilis prefers a very bright exposure but without direct sunlight indoors; Avoid sudden temperature changes. Outdoors it can grow in semi-shade or in full sun. They do not resist temperatures below 12 ºC (53.6 ºF).

The soil can be a garden substrate that contains organic matter and coarse sand. Transplant in spring every 2-3 years to a pot one size larger.

Water regularly in spring and summer with lime-free water and greatly reduce watering in winter. It's important that the ambient humidity is high; place a plate with damp stones under the pot and spray the plant periodically in summer.

Fertilize with mineral fertilizer every 15 days in spring and summer.

It's better never to prune because sometimes they do not heal properly.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases but can rot if the leaves get too wet.

They are propagated from cuttings or by seeds sown in spring; immerse them in water 24 hours before sowing.

Images of the tree Pandanus utilis or Common screwpine

Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis
Pandanus utilis