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Care of the plant Oreopanax nymphaefolius or Aralia nymphaeifolia.

Care of the tree Oreopanax nymphaefolius or Aralia nymphaeifolia

The genus Oreopanax, family Araliaceae, includes 60 species of trees and shrubs native to Central and South America. Some species are: Oreopanax nymphaefolium, Oreopanax capitatum, Oreopanax andreanum, Oreopanax thibautii.

Scientific synonym: Aralia nymphaeifolia. This species is native to Mexico and Guatemala.

They are evergreen trees or shrubs with large, bright green leaves (simple or compound). The flowers appear in white, greenish or yellow inflorescences. They bloom in spring.

They are used as isolated specimens, in small groups, as a houseplant and in pots for terraces and balconies. They are ideal plants for regions with a Mediterranean climate.

Oreopanax nymphaefolius needs a light exposure but without direct sun in the hottest hours of the day. They do not resist cold or drafts.

The soil can be a mixture of garden substrate with 1/4 of coarse sand and another 1/4 of peat. Planting or transplanting is done in early spring.

Water abundantly during spring and summer so that the substrate is always slightly damp (never puddle). In winter water once a week. In hot summers it's advisable to spray the leaves periodically.

Fertilize with manure in fall and monthly with seaweed extract during spring and summer.

They are propagated from side shoot cuttings in late spring.

Images of the tree Oreopanax nymphaefolius or Aralia nymphaeifolia

Oreopanax nymphaefolius
Oreopanax nymphaefolius
Oreopanax nymphaefolius