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Care of the plant Melia azedarach or Chinaberry tree.

Care of the tree Melia azedarach or Chinaberry tree

The genus Melia, family Meliaceae, comprises 15 species of trees and shrubs native to the tropical regions of Asia and Australia. Some species are: Melia azedarach, Melia dubia, Melia elegans, Melia floribunda, Melia tomentosa.

Common names: Persian lilac, Chinaberry tree, Pride of India, White cedar, Indian lilac. This species is native to Asia.

They are fast-growing deciduous trees that reach 12 meters (39.37 feet) in height. They have alternate oval pinnate leaves with serrated margins. The scented flowers appear in panicles and are lilac in color. They bloom in summer and later produce yellowish fruits (they are toxic if ingested), very decorative.

They are used as a shade tree and in public parks and streets. They can be grown in large pots in greenhouses if the weather is cold.

Melia azedarach needs sun or semi-shade exposure and average annual temperatures of 10-20 ºC (50-68 ºF). They resist occasional frosts.

The soil can be a well-drained garden substrate.

In summer water frequently so that the substrate is always humid (never overwater); water moderately the rest of the year. They resist drought quite well.

Fertilize in autumn with manure. To increase flowering, fertilize every 20 days with mineral fertilizer from late spring to late summer.

They do not need pruning.

They are sensitive plants to excess of irrigation.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring or by cuttings in summer.

Images of the tree Melia azedarach or Chinaberry tree

Melia azedarach
Melia azedarach
Melia azedarach
Melia azedarach
Melia azedarach