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Care of the plant Kiggelaria africana or Wild peach.

Care of the tree Kiggelaria africana or Wild peach

The genus Kiggelaria, family Achariaceae, comprised 9 species of shrubs and trees native to Africa. Currently only one species is included: Kiggelaria africana.

Common name: Wild peach. This species is native to eastern and southern Africa.

They are low-branched, wide-crowned trees that reach 10 meters (32.8 feet) in height. The leaves are ovo-lanceolate in shape and are bright green on the upper surface and greyish green on the underside. The flowers appear in clusters, are bell-shaped and greenish-yellow in color. They bloom from spring to summer.

They are used to form screens and as a shade tree; they are ideal for Mediterranean coastal gardens.

Kiggelaria africana needs full sun exposure and a Mediterranean climate. They resist frosts down to -2 ºC (28.4 ºF).

They can grow in rocky soils but prefer well-drained soil that contains organic matter.

They resist drought quite well; water moderately waiting for the substrate to dry.

Fertilize with manure or compost in the fall.

Prune only if you want to achieve a tree size.

They are plants resistant to pests and diseases.

They propagate from seeds sown in spring and by cuttings in early summer.

Images of the tree Kiggelaria africana or Wild peach

Kiggelaria africana
Kiggelaria africana
Kiggelaria africana