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Care of the plant Jacobinia pauciflora or Brazilian fuchsia.

Care of the plant Jacobinia pauciflora or Brazilian fuchsia

The genus Jacobinia, family Acanthaceae, comprises 50 species of herbaceous plants native to tropical regions of America. Some species are: Jacobinia pauciflora, Jacobinia suberecta, Jacobinia tinctoria, Jacobinia carnea, Jacobinia ghiesbreghtiana, Jacobinia spicigera.

Common names: Firecracker flower, Brazilian plume, Brazilian fuchsia. Scientific synonyms: Justicia floribunda, Justicia pauciflora, Justicia rizzinii. This species is native to Brazil.

They are herbaceous perennial bushy plants that reach 60 cm (23.6") in height. The opposite leaves are whole and dark green. The showy flowers appear in spike-shaped inflorescences and are yellow, orange, pink or red. They bloom in spring or winter.

They are used as indoor plants, in bushy groups, as isolated specimens and in pots for terraces and balconies.

Exposure should be in full sun or in a well-lit area outdoors and indoors without direct sunlight. They do not resist the cold. If the winters are cold, it's convenient to put the pots at home.

The soil can be a mixture, in equal parts, of leaf mulch, garden substrate and peat; add a handful of organic fertilizer powder.

Water frequently, especially in spring and summer. Spray leaves (not flowers) occasionally with lime-free water from late spring to early fall.

Prune after flowering to strengthen the plant.

Fertilize with manure once in spring and again in autumn and with mineral fertilizer every 15 days during spring and summer.

They propagate in fall from herbaceous cuttings planted in glass-covered sand beds.

Images of the plant Jacobinia pauciflora or Brazilian fuchsia

Jacobinia pauciflora
Jacobinia pauciflora